Malaga airport Train Facilities Near Malaga Airport

The train station of Malaga is located just outside the Malaga airport for reaching which the passengers will have to step out of the airport and follow the directions of reaching the station. It is a must for all sorts of passengers to buy a ticket of the train to his destination. On being found not taking any ticket and travelling through the trains, there can be sever punishments like a charge of ten times more of the ticket. So, the passengers must be careful about that and should always get a ticket. For your convenience, there is an automatic ticket generating machine too in the station for buying tickets from which you will have to pay the amount in euro coins.

The daily train timings use to be almost the same and these are changed without any reason. The train that leaves the Malaga station to the Fuengirola station leaves right at 05.47 in the morning and the last train to this station leaves at 22.47 at night and if you can not come in this time interval then you have to go via car hire Malaga facilities which you can easily avail whole night and day, Also it is an easy way to travel in Malaga airport for your budget travel. Similarly, the first train the Malaga leaves from its station at 07:03 am and the last at 22.33 pm. Thus, passengers will not have to face any trouble while availing the train services.

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