Malaga Beaches

For beach activities and fun Malaga is an ideal place and tourists can find a number of beaches in the city that are simply lovely and peaceful to spend some lazy moments. The two main beaches of the city are La Malagueta and Pedregalejo/Las Acacias and these are often found to be chosen by the travellers for hang outs and family funs together.

The La Malagueta beach is 1200 miles long and 45 miles wide and in addition to being peaceful and calm, there are special arrangements of the safety of the people as well. Teams of rescuers and helpers keep roaming in the beach with other arrangements like signposting danger and red crossed places.

The Pedregalejo/Las Acacias beach is 1200 miles long and 20 miles wide and is perfect for activities like beach walk, sunbathing, evening strolling and beach sports. This beach too has been made safe for people through all sorts of necessary arrangements.

There are other beaches as well in the Malaga city and these include La Caleta, El Candado, Guadalmar, Banos del Carmen, Penon del Cuervo, Pedregalejo and El Chanquete.

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