Top Tools for Positive Psychology Therapy and their Benefits

Positive psychology seems to attract the interest of many. This branch of psychology concentrates on how to help human beings lead healthier, happier lives full of prosperity. While many other branches of the science of studying the mind and how it affects human beings’ behaviour tend to pay more attention to dysfunction and abnormal behaviour, positive psychology is centred on helping people become happier. There is nothing as fulfilling as being in a constant state of happiness.

General interest in positive psychology is beginning to gain traction tremendously. Nowadays, more and more individuals are making an effort to understand this field of science that deals with the study of the mind and how it affects human beings’ behaviour.

Positive Psychology Tools and their Impact on Our Day-To-Day Lives

One thing that has tremendously promoted positive psychology is technology. Today there is a myriad of positive psychology tools out there that are meant to help people live a happier life. It is essential to look at a few of these tools and the benefits they present for those who make use of them.

1. Beepers/Pagers

Beepers/Pagers are a common tool used in positive psychology therapy. A therapist beeps their patient as a reminder for them to make records of the experiences they are having. These records are expanded as the patient adds daily entries to describe the details of their previous day. Known as short—term sampling, this method examines activities as well as events on a case by case basis and explores the positive implications of each.

2. Mood-Boosting Apps

Do you want to be happier? If so, then you need to understand that there are many great apps for that out there. These apps put cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which is a proven method of positive psychology therapy, at your fingertips. Many of them offer lots of mood improvement activities and provide examples as well as tips for you to follow, plus recommendations based on your needs.

3. High Intensity Lighting Devices

Depression and sadness often go hand in hand. There is no way you are going to be happy when you are depressed. Depression can be caused by so many factors including environmental factors.

Seasonal affective disorder is a particular kind of depression which is normally experienced in places where there is limited supply of sunlight. This can be overcome with the use of light therapy-a technique that utilizes high intensity lighting from an artificial source to simulate sunlight, possibly getting rid of seasonal affective disorder. This method has been proven to effectively help people regain authentic happiness which had been hampered by depression.

Positive psychology therapist may recommend the use of special LED lighting to their clients who are suffering from low moods. These lighting systems can automatically mimic sunlight’s changes from soft, warm amber in the morning to bright, cool white during the day and back to amber in the evening. This helps counteract many disruptive effects of poor supply of sunlight.

Benefits of Positive Psychology Therapy Tools

Since positive psychology tools are meant to promote and enhance positive psychology therapy. That means the benefits which patients can derive from them are similar to the advantages that they could get from a positive psychology therapy. These tools mean a happier and more fulfilling life with a positive attitude. So basically, we are indirectly looking at the merits of living a positive life.

1. You Develop the Ability to Find Solutions to Different Problems

Positive psychology therapy is a great way to develop positive thinking alongside a positive attitude. Thinking positively alongside maintaining a positive attitude enables you to concentrate on finding a solution rather than focusing on the negative aspects of every bad situation. This therapy not only helps you become a happier person, it also enhances your creative and constructive thinking.

2. Improved Self Esteem plus a Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

With an optimistic or a positive outlook, you tend to believe in yourself as well as your abilities. You become comfortable in your own skin and develop a sense of trust in your capabilities. This gives you the motivation to achieve your goals.

3. Reduced Stress

Positive psychology helps you become a positive thinker. And when you are one, you tend to remain calm whenever you are faced with any stressful situation. You get to handle the situation better due to improved focus. The power of positive thinking need not be underestimated as far as stress and worry go. It lowers your stress levels, helping you to cope better during any unpleasant situation. Worrying less and stressing less increases your lifespan.

4. Happiness and Success 

The power of positive thinking can change your whole life as well as your whole environment. Having a positive attitude makes you attractive to others and more productive. This allows you to replace boring and negative people around you with lively and like-minded optimistic individuals. With this, you get to experience happiness and success.

5. Better Health

Did you know that the manner in which you think has got a direct impact on your body and its functions? Studies show that positive thinkers have lower risks of disease, better psychological as well as physical well-being. Conquering negative thoughts with positive psychology allows you to overcome a myriad of health conditions including insomnia, stress, anxiety and more.


We all want permanent freedom and happiness. Yet how to find them remains a mystery for many of us. Positive psychology therapy gives you access to a lasting freedom and happiness. Many people are slowly realizing this, as they look for ways to accomplish healthier, happier lives full of prosperity. Positive psychology is now proving to be more effective than ever, thanks to an extensive assortment of positive psychology tools out there which are meant to promote and enhance this therapy. Although many of them seem pretty basic and unsophisticated unlike you would expect, these tools play a key role when it comes to the pursuit of a happier and more fulfilling life. Be positive and you can look forward to witnessing productive changes in different aspects of your life.

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